2018 NVR Summer Series & Events

The Nene has pleasure in announcing not only its 2018 summer series dates but confirmation that it will be entering its winter programme with an 18hour endurance meeting bonfire weekend.

Summer Series
The Nenes summer programme sees it run its own 5 round summer series over the following weekends :-
Rnd 1 – April 15
Rnd 2 – May 20
Rnd 3 – June 17
Rnd 4 – July 8
Rnd 5 – August 12
Reserve date – September 9th

The summer series is open to all LS and 1:8th drivers no matter on your ability, all are welcome at the Nene.

Astro Attack
The annual charity meeting which is open to both 1:8 and LS will be held over the 22nd and 23rd September with this years money going to the cancer charities.

Visiting Series
The Nene welcomes back two regular visiting series this summer :-
BRCA Large Scale Off Road national championship commences its 2018 series and finishes it at the Nene over the following weekends, 24th & 25th March and 13th and 14th October.
Nitro-X Summer series will be running two rounds of its popular 1:8 race series on May 6th and May 7th.

18Hr NVR Endurance Event
The Nene will be hosting its first endurance team event on the 3rd and 4th November so please book this date in your calendar.
The anticipated team entry fee is £120, whilst details are still being worked out the basic rules will be:-

  • Max 12 teams, with a minimum of 4 team drivers split 50/50 1:8/LS
  • One scale out at once and switches to other scale etc. so no mixed racing
  • If a vehicle breaks during its track time and can not be fixed during its own period then the team sits out the remainder of that period (i.e no switching cars)
  • A team member to be out on the marshal post at all times
  • 18hrs of total track time, (10am to 9pm on 3rd, 9am until 4pm on the 4th), split between 1:8 and LS (9hrs each)
  • Keep an eye on the Nene website for booking in details for its events and please visit the websites of the visiting series if you wish to participate in them.

    Darren Worth
    NVR Club Chairman

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