Road Closure – Hardwater Road

For those who are heading to the Nene this weekend for the Astro Attack meeting and the forthcoming LSOR national the club would like to remind you that if you turn off the A45 @ Junction 11 and come over the narrow bridge (Hardwater Road) near the mill then this road is currently closed and scheduled to reopen towards the end of 2018.

if you have a satnav then this should pick up this closure but if not and you are travelling by car\van and not towing then you could turn off the A45 a junction earlier and come via Grendon to Wollaston or if towing then afraid you will have to come off the A45 at the Wellingborough turn in front of Tescos.

The club would also like to remind those who are travelling to the Nene Saturday afternoon and coming via the A14, A6, A45 towards Rushden then at peak times expect delays has you pass the new Rushden Lakes out of town shopping centre.

The club wishes you a safe trip.

Darren Worth
NVR Club Chairman

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