Thank You – We are back!

Over a warm spring weekend the Nene sprung back into life with the first club meeting of 2021. 

Can I thank all 1/8th and 1/5th drivers who attended and I think all attendees left with a spring in their step having participated in their first race meeting for some time and now know that their favourite sport is back, and a bit of a sun tan too for those who did not use sun cream 😉 

Congratulations to all the winners today, big well done to Morgan Baldry and Tristan Doleman for entering their first ever meetings and hopefully one of many more from these young racers. 

Results from this meeting are available online here and watch out for news coming shortly on our 2021 summer series for both 1/5 and 1/8th racers.

Look forward to seeing young racers, older racers 😉 , new faces, old faces back down the Nene soon,

Darren Worth, NVR Chairman



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