Race Report NVR Rnd 2 – 1/8th, 5th December 2021

Winter Series Round 2 – 1/8th Rallycross Combined

5th December 2021

With Winter series round 1 finishing with a slippery track, round 2 was starting in much the same conditions, but more akin to jet skiing than RC car racing (OK that’s a bit of an exaggeration!) A good bit of time was spent clearing the worst of the standing water from overnight showers and everyone was comfortable that silver spirals would be the order of the day. No sneaky tyre choices this weekend!

Mark Wilkins again was the first to put in 8 laps from the first turn of the wheels, but eventually everyone who did a qualifying session was able to do 7 or 8 laps. The changing conditions of the track drying out slightly by Q3, then a bit of drizzle in Q4 meant things got tricky again out on track.

Mark Wilkins started to have electrical gremlins in his Mugen eBuggy during Q4 and these never resolved themselves during the final with his car finally giving up after 9 laps.

Neil Sivins (Mugen eBuggy) was putting in some hot laps all day but seemed to succumb to the watery gremlins 18 laps into the final.

Some super consistent driving from Bonar Lizaitis and George Harrison, meant the result was probably down to whose pit stop was the slickest, with George’s ebuggy doing the 2x mandatory stop and go “pit stops” for eBuggy. Dan Doleman benefitted from Neil and Mark’s retirements to bag himself his first podium of the season by driving some consistent laps.

Paul Drewitt (Tekno eBuggy)  and Tristan Doleman (Associated eBuggy) turned up to bag some points in the Final, both having to quickly adapt to the challenging track conditions. They managed to put in a decent performance and finish without much incident.

Final result: 1) Bonar Lizaitis (Agama Nitro Buggy), 2) George Harrison(Tekno eBuggy), 3) Dan Doleman (Associated eBuggy)

The results for this meeting are available via this link

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