NVR Summer Series 2023 Round 2 race report

NVR Summer Series 2023 Round 2. Sunday 4th June 2023.

We had perfect weather for the 2nd round of our summer series 2023, the track was extremely grippy, so car setup and tyre choice was super critical to not being caught out by grip roll!

In Large scale the top 3 drivers were really close with Leigh Bond coming home in 1st place with his newly painted bodyshell!

Ian Nicholson came in second, narrowly avoiding any major mechanicals this time round – just! Crawling over the line on 3 wheels!

Paul Diver came home to take the final podium spot in 3rd.

Large scale combined results for the day can be found here:

In 1/8th Nitro buggy qualifications were tight between Paul Markham, Lee Baldry,  and Mark Higgins, with Tayler Letchford showing is usual pace in Q4. So they lined up in that order on the grid.
I believe Paul, Tayler and Lee all had some kind of issues during the race, Mark Higgins was super consistent all race, and his car ran trouble free which led him to a deserved victory, with Tayler coming home in 2nd, and Paul Markham 3rd.

The two juniors were having a great battle trading positions, in what was their first time on track together. Unfortunately Morgan had a mechanical which let Tristan cruise home to win between those two.  The NVR club Chairman Darren Smith was nursing a poorly engine so came home in 6th behind Tristan.

1/8th Nitro results can be found here:

The 1/8th eBuggy 20 minute final became a race of attrition with the race leader Paul Markham unusually crashing out and damaging his car, allowing Jaco Van Der Sterren to lead the race, but his car had electrical issues giving the lead to George Harrison. Most of the other runners either had mechanicals or overheating / battery issues.

George would eventually take a deserved win after battling with Dan Doleman, who seemed to stop and get going again with about 4 minutes left on the clock. Giving 2nd place to Kieron Mason, leaving Dan to take 3rd once he got back on track.

1/8th eBuggy results can be found here:

LSOR Podium


1/8th Nitro Podium


1/8th eBuggy Podium


Junior Podium


We look forward to welcoming all LSOR and 1/8th drivers to round 3 on Sunday 25th June 2023, don’t forget we have a maintenance work party this coming weekend 10th June – so if you can spare a 2 or 3 hours it will be greatly appreciated.


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