2020 Winter News

We are in the final stages of working out our 2020/2021 winter series dates and one question we get asked every festive period “Is the club open , I want to get a break from ………” so with this in mind the club wishes to ask those racers who wish to attend the third round of the winter series.

Would you like round 3 on the 30th December rather than the 3rd January ?

The proposed winter series dates are as below and will be confirmed to the Nene members at our AGM on the 17th October @ 2pm  which will now occur during the lunch break of our next winter series round on18th October trackside.

Rnd 1 15/11/2020 – bring a few fireworks for a belated display on Saturday evening
Rnd 2 06/12/2020
Rnd 3 03/01/2021 or 30th December 2020
Rnd 4 17/01/2021
Rnd 5 07/02/2021
Rnd 6 28/02/2021

The clubs 2020 AGM will now be held during the lunch break of Rnd 3 on Sunday 18th October  practice for Rnd 3 on Saturday 17th October @ 2pm and is only open to our 2020 members who will get an invite email from me within the next 48 hours.

Darren, NVR Chairman 

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